Content Collections

Use Content Collections for Fumadocs

Content Collections is a library that transforms your content into type-safe data collections.


Install the required packages.

npm install @fumadocs/content-collections @content-collections/core @content-collections/mdx @content-collections/next

After the installation, add a path alias for the generated collections to the tsconfig.json.

  "compilerOptions": {
    "paths": {
      "@/*": ["./*"],
      "content-collections": ["./.content-collections/generated"]

In the Next.js configuration file, apply the plugin.

import { withContentCollections } from '@content-collections/next';
/** @type {import('next').NextConfig} */
const config = {
  reactStrictMode: true,
export default withContentCollections(config);

To integrate with Fumadocs, add the following to your content-collections.ts.

import { defineCollection, defineConfig } from '@content-collections/core';
import {
} from '@fumadocs/content-collections/configuration';
const docs = defineCollection({
  name: 'docs',
  directory: 'content/docs',
  include: '**/*.mdx',
  schema: createDocSchema,
  transform: transformMDX,
const metas = defineCollection({
  name: 'meta',
  directory: 'content/docs',
  include: '**/meta.json',
  parser: 'json',
  schema: createMetaSchema,
export default defineConfig({
  collections: [docs, metas],

And pass it to Source API.

import { allDocs, allMetas } from 'content-collections';
import { loader } from 'fumadocs-core/source';
import { createMDXSource } from '@fumadocs/content-collections';
export const { getPage, getPages, pageTree } = loader({
  baseUrl: '/docs',
  source: createMDXSource(allDocs, allMetas),

Done! You can access the pages and generated page tree from Source API.

import { getPage } from '@/app/source';
const page = getPage(slugs);
// MDX output
// Table of contents
// Structured Data, for Search API

Import Components

To use components from other packages like Fumadocs UI, pass them to your <MDXContent /> component.

import defaultMdxComponents from 'fumadocs-ui/mdx';
import { Callout } from 'fumadocs-ui/components/callout';
import { MDXContent } from '@content-collections/mdx/react';
<MDXContent code="..." components={{ ...defaultMdxComponents, Callout }} />;

You can also import them in MDX Files, but it is not recommended.

Deep Dive: Why?

Content Collections uses mdx-bundler to bundle MDX files.

To support importing a package from node modules, Fumadocs added a default value to the cwd option of MDX Bundler. It works good, but we still do not recommend to import components in MDX files.


  • It requires esbuild to bundle these components, while it should be done by the Next.js bundler (for features of Server Components)
  • You can refactor the import path of components without changing your MDX files.
  • With Remote Sources, it doesn't make sense to add an import in MDX files.

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