Remote Source

Learn how to use a remote source with Fumadocs


Fumadocs is very flexible. You can integrate with any content source, even without an official adapter.

This guide assumes you are experienced with Next.js App Router.

For a custom content source implementation, you will need:

Page Tree

You can either hardcode the page tree, or write some code to generate one. See Definitions of Page Tree.

Pass your Page Tree to DocsLayout (usually in a layout.tsx).

Docs Page

Same as a normal Next.js app, the code of your docs page is located in [[...slug]]/page.tsx.


Define the generateStaticParams function. It should return a list of parameters (params) to populate the [[...slug]] catch-all route.


In the main body of page, find the corresponding page according to the slug and render its content inside the DocsPage component.

You also need a table of contents, which can be generated with your own implementation, or using the getTableOfContents utility (Markdown/MDX only).

import { DocsPage, DocsBody } from 'fumadocs-ui/page';
import { getPage } from './my-content-source';
import { notFound } from 'next/navigation';
export default function Page({ params }: { params: { slug?: string[] } }) {
  const page = getPage(params.slug);
  if (!page) notFound();
  return (
    <DocsPage toc={page.tableOfContents}>


Next.js offers a Metadata API for SEO, you can configure it with generateMetadata (same as the code above).

This can be difficult considering your content may not be necessarily Markdown/MDX. For Markdown and MDX, the built-in Search API is adequate for most use cases. Otherwise, you will have to bring your own implementation.

We recommend 3rd party solutions like Algolia Search. They are more flexible than the built-in Search API, and is easier to integrate with remote sources. Fumadocs offers a simple Algolia Search Adapter, which includes a search client to integrate with Fumadocs UI.

MDX Remote

Fumadocs offers the MDX Remote package, it is a helper to integrate remote content sources with Fumadocs.

Take it on your own risk

MDX Remote is still under development, it can be unstable.


npm install @fumadocs/mdx-remote

The main feature it offers is the MDX Compiler, it can compile MDX content to JSX nodes. Since it doesn't use a bundler, imports and exports are not supported.

You can pass MDX components via the components option, it's compatible with Server Components. There's an example:

import { compileMDX } from '@fumadocs/mdx-remote';
import { getPage } from './my-content-source';
import { DocsBody, DocsPage } from 'fumadocs-ui/page';
export default function Page({ params }: { params: { slug?: string[] } }) {
  const page = getPage(params.slug);
  const compiled = compileMDX({
    source: page.content,
    components: {},
  return (
    <DocsPage toc={compiled.toc}>

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